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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Occasionally, if the visual nerve appears to be intact around the eye level, it may be difficult to diagnose. These patients should be monitored and advanced diagnostic methods and some tests should be consulted. Particular attention should be given to those with a family history of glaucoma.

Glaucoma crisis is the sudden increase in blood pressure to very high levels. In this case, the patient may have unacceptably severe eye pain, headache, eye bleeding, blurred vision, decreased vision, sensitivity to light, nausea and vomiting.

No, glaucoma has nothing to do with eating and drinking.

No, it could be. There is a type of glaucoma called low blood pressure glaucoma, which has all the symptoms of glaucoma and needs treatment.

The eyeball has a certain pressure created by the intraocular fluid. This is called the intraocular pressure. Normal level is between 10-20 mm mercury pressure. In glaucoma eyes this value rises above 20 mm mercury pressure.

Diagnosis is very easy if the patient applies for a doctor in the later stages of the disease. In such a patient, the blood pressure will be around 25-30. These are very typical symptoms of glaucoma.

If your eye is suitable for the elevation of your eye pressure, you cannot prevent this increase by paying attention to some things. For example, if you have high eye pressure, no eye, no books, no newspaper, television watching, if you eat a lot of carrots (!) Blood pressure will not fall.

If there is no reason to reduce vision other than cataract, ie if the transparent layer (Cornea) is normal (if there are no stains or deformities) and the nerve layer (retina) is healthy (diabetes, hypertension, and no tension related to eye pressure or aging) An eye on cataract surgery, the old regains its vision.

The most common type of glaucoma is chronic glaucoma. People who have a glaucoma patient near them think that this can be a symptom of glaucoma if they have complaints such as mild pain and blood loss in their eyes. These people to remove the suspicion of eye examination and eye pressure will be accurate. In glaucoma, sometimes a slight pain in the eye, blurred vision may occur some times during the day. But mostly no symptoms.

\ In the summer, when the sun is very bright, do not go out without sunglasses.
Smoking has no negative effects on our eyes, as well as on other organs.
Prepare plenty of vitamin C, reducing the risk of cataracts.
\ Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, have a positive effect on your eyes health.

Although it depends on the type of surgery performed, there is usually no need for stitching in today's cataract surgery techniques.

Depending on the condition of the patient, type and degree of cataract, this period may vary. Nowadays cataract surgery can be performed in a short time with phacoemulsification technique. With this technique, a small incision in the eye is opened to remove the opacified lens, instead of the artificial intraocular lens.

Except for special cases, the lens remains in the eye for life.

Private health insurance can cover this operation depending on the agreement. SSK and Bağ-Kur meet the standard cataract package price.

LASIK treatment is the most widely used method of laser treatment in the world. With the help of the an Excimer Laser ası beam programmed by the computer according to the degree of visual impairment, correct focusing and clear vision are obtained by reshaping the cornea, which is the transparent layer of the eye. With esinde Excimer Laser K, PRK, LASEK or LASIK technique is applied to correct visual disturbances.

The treatment of refractive defects with Excimer Laser has started with years of knowledge and clinical trials, with approval from the FDA in the United States (the most important institution for Food, Health and Drug Control in the United States) as effective and safe.

The application of a laser to an eye is related to the thickness of the cornea. If there is recurrence, corneal thickness can be applied. Approximately 5% of cases require re-laser application. These cases can usually occur in people who have a high degree of correction or are overreacting. Since the second laser is not used in its application, the operation will be much more comfortable for the patient.

Lasik can be treated with low, medium and high degree myopia. There will not be a return in the post-Lasik number, or very few in high numbers. The number of Lasik after the balance is faster. Both eyes can be made at the same time. It is performed without hospitalization. Patients can return to their daily activities within 24 hours.

The laser is not made to every eye. After detailed evaluations, it is decided whether an eye can be a laser. There is no risk of loss of vision after lasik.

There is no return to the old number after the laser. However there may be mild relapses and most of them do not require the inclusion of glasses. If the eye structure is appropriate for the numbers that are required to be revised, the problem can be solved by the second attempt.

Excimer Laser used in the treatment of fracture defects is effective in cornea. It has no effect on deeper tissues. Therefore, no laser-related cataract or glaucoma has been reported. However, steroid drops used to control post-laser reactions may temporarily increase intraocular pressure in some people. For this reason, drugs are used in a controlled manner, and when such an effect is encountered, intraocular pressure returns to normal with discontinuation of the drug.

People who use high-numbered glasses that are not expected to fully recover with laser may use low-numbered glasses, but eye structures need to be fully healed to use soft contact lenses. Cosmetic colored lenses can be used after a certain time.

Thanks to the Turbo Eye Tracking System of the device used, the smallest rotations and shifts in the eye are automatically monitored and thus the laser beams provide a complete correction at the desired location.

Depending on the condition of the patient, type and degree of cataract, this period may vary. Nowadays cataract surgery can be performed in a short time with phacoemulsification technique. With this technique, a small incision in the eye is opened to remove the opacified lens, instead of the artificial intraocular lens.

Local anesthesia is usually performed for cataract surgery. It is not applied except for anesthesia (general anesthesia), children, infant patients and some special cases.

If the artificial lens placed in your eye is calculated according to your vision, you will need reading glasses. If you have special yerleştiril multifocal ”intraocular lenses that are both clear and close together, you will not need to wear glasses.
/ In some cases it may be necessary to wear glasses.

Although it does not have any disease in the eyes, it is a very common condition. Occasionally, tears, eyelids, white membranes covering the surface of the eye or some diseases related to the cornea may also cause this condition. There are many possible causes to cause eye burns. If we talk about environmental factors that will cause eye burns; Smoke, dust, polluted air, shampoo, soap and so on. Factors that cause eye burning do not cause serious eye-related results. It is enough to wash with plenty of water and give the eye a little rest. If burning continues for days, consult an ophthalmologist.

Eye is an eye disorder that will not neglect. Time passes because it is not an inconvenience. Very rarely, the conjunctival surface of the eye may cause cracking due to the expansion of the vessels and blood supply due to these cracks. Sudden discharge of eye pressure, allergic conditions, foreign bodies entering the eye, sun exposure, such as eye causes a lot of redness. According to the cause of treatment, the treatment method follows a different path. Each treatment process and shape are different.

The tic in the eyes is usually seen in the distressed periods. They do not indicate any disease related to the eye. If it doesn't go by itself and it bothers you, I suggest you see a neurosurgeon.

The bruises under the eye are usually hereditary. It is mostly a problem that is more prominent in people with dark skin. Due to the fact that the bruises under the eyes are congenital, the veins are close to the skin, the cells that give color to the skin or the bruises under the eyes that occur later, may be caused by smoking, alcohol and drugs.

There is a need for a certain amount of tears in order to see the human clearly, protect the eye against infections and lubricate the surface of the eye. This tear is secreted from the glands in the upper outer part of the eye and in the glands in the membrane covering the inner surface of the lids and is transferred from the nasal passages to the nose.
There is a need for a blink reflex for regular distribution of tears over the eye. Nowadays, frequently used computer monitors and vehicles with other monitors reduce the blink reflex and create a soot.
In this case, the patient feels complaints such as fatigue, burning, stinging, increased sensitivity to light. Treatment is planned, regular resting, warm water wash and tear-supporting drugs are recommended. In addition, the rays from the monitor cause reflections to disturb the eye. To prevent this, use protective filters or anti-reflective goggles.

There are several diseases that cause sudden loss of vision. The first one is the sudden increase in intraocular pressure. In this case, which occurs in dim conditions and especially in dim conditions, the area in which the intraocular fluid leaves the eye becomes clogged, intraocular pressure rises, and complaints such as eye pain, headache and nausea occur. The second condition is increased intracranial pressure. In this case, complaints such as headache and nausea are more noticeable than visual impairment. Third, sudden visual loss in cerebrovascular diseases. In this case, other complaints may not participate much. Complaints that you have mentioned in patients with migraine disease occur. Finally, you need to be examined for diseases affecting the nerve layer of the eye. In short, the situation you are talking about is a serious situation and must be immediately diagnosed. For this purpose, you should first see an ophthalmologist and then evaluate by a neurologist or neurosurgeon.

Color blindness does not cause visual impairment or loss of vision. It is caused by a lack of visual field which allows us to see colors. It may be difficult to select especially the colors Blue and Green or Red and Green. This disease is generally hereditary and seen in men rather than women. The most common condition is the lack of red - green color. This may also be caused by glaucoma or damage to the vision nerve. Most of the innate color blindness is moderate. The most commonly used method for the diagnosis of color blindness is Ishihara cards. These cards contain colored numbers and puzzles. People with color blindness cannot read these numbers and solve puzzles. Besides this test, color balls are also used.

It can indicate many pathological conditions such as severe itching allergy, infection, tears, eye deposits, foreign body escape, eyelid and eyelash diseases, diseases of the eye surface disorders, immune system diseases, rheumatological diseases, eye diseases of some skin diseases. It may also occur in normal situations such as fatigue, insomnia and overwork. You need to be examined to make the distinction.

Decrease in vision (even if it is temporary)
Floating, floating objects (black hairs, hairs, spots, spots, spots)
Light flashes
The feeling of vision as if looking from behind a veil or veil
See the colored rings around the lights
Pain in the eye and around the eyes
Redness of the skin and eyes around the eyes
Eye edema and watering
One or both of the eyes
Eye shift, whistling
Double vision
High arm tension, arteriosclerosis
Kidney Disease

It is a condition of impaired compliance during eye vision. For example, a person with eye disorders can see clearly when he or she is away with glasses. Adaptation reflex begins in people aged 40 years of age. The person meets the need for this discomfort with close glasses.
One of the main indicators of this discomfort is the act of over-capturing one's eye while reading something closely, the need for more light, the tiredness of the eye while reading and most importantly, the writing of the writing away.
Because these adaptive reflex people have difficulty in seeing the relatives, while trying to read a nearby article, the brain works remarkably in order to increase the refraction of the lens and this person's brain is exhausted and causes pain. After using close glasses, there is a serious relief in the person's vision and general life. After the age of 60, the adaptation reflex terminates.
If cataract surgery has been performed, the patient will be presbyopped 3 because he has completely lost the fit reflex. A patient with myopia is enough to remove their glasses while they are close to the presbyopia. If the patient has both presbyopic discomfort and cannot see the distance, they may choose to use progressive goggles, which enable them to live together in a healthy way.

Contact lenses, which are preferred by people who do not want to wear glasses, come first in the preferences of people because they offer a more comfortable life to people in daily life. Using thick glasses, using the lens makes the person feel more comfortable in terms of appearance. The use of lenses; it can produce better results than eye glasses. Contact lenses are sold in optics, such as eyeglasses. However, it is not appropriate to give the lens to the patient according to the full spectacle number. Because of the eye number when using the lens, there may be some problems with the eye of the person. Before using the lens, the patient should first go to a doctor and have an eye examination. During eye examination, the eyelids and eyelashes are checked for discomfort or sensitivity. It is recommended by the doctor to choose the appropriate lens for his / her eye structure. In addition to these; The cornea diameter of the patient's eye is an important criterion. Optometry should not be taken with glasses prescription. Because the lens is not specified in the prescription, the wrong lens can be taken. Everyone's eye structure is different from each other, as a result of the intervention and examinations can lead to different treatment modalities. If the patient has facial discomfort, eyelash problems or superficial problems such as eyelid, the patient should stay away from soft lenses. Patients with permanent and non-regular eye movements should not wear contact lenses due to trauma. Contact lens distress in patients with dry eye problems. According to the material of the lens, ie the substance may increase the feeling of dryness. Tear the person's tears and already the problem of dryness in the person who has an excessive dry and can cause itching. People with dry eye problems should not be given contact lenses as much as possible. Sleeping with contact lenses can damage the eye. However, lenses that can remain in the eye for 30 days or remain in the eye without being removed for only a week have been put on sale in recent years. People should consider their own eye sensitivity when buying and using these contact lenses. Another consideration for using contact lenses is the hygiene and cleanliness of the lenses. Contact lenses should be removed immediately when uneasiness is felt. Symptoms of restlessness; redness, decreased vision, stinging, burning, watering, itching and chipping. Such problems may be caused by two reasons; it is caused by the use of lens that is not suitable for the eye of the person or by not paying attention to the rules of hygiene and care.

Color lenses are also available for patients with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. There is no difference between number or usage.
Hygiene must be used with the same care. However, the only difference between the color lenses is that the quality of vision is not as good as colorless lenses.

Eye pressure does not give any symptoms in the early stages of the patient. As the eye pressure progresses slowly, the loss of the visual field is not noticed very quickly by the patient. With early diagnosis, progression can be stopped, but for this you need to have continuous eye examination. Otherwise, it is very difficult to diagnose eye tension early by the person. Nausea, vomiting, pain, and blur in vision can sometimes be seen in eye pressure. But not every patient may have these symptoms. If you have a glaucoma in your relative, your relative; When you have a complaint such as mild pain in your eyes, blood pressure, such as eye irritation symptoms, suspects, eye examination, and eye pressure will be the most accurate behavior measurement.
Symptoms such as eye pain may sometimes cause slight pain in the eye, blurred vision at some hours of the day. There are two types of eye tension (glaucoma) with open angle and closed angle. It is more difficult for the person to understand this because the sign of open-angle eye pressure is not very precise and clear.
This type of eye tension is the least symptom. Symptoms of the type of closed-angle eye tension (glaucoma); headache, which becomes prominent in the morning, is the seeing of the light rings around the light at night. Suddenly, when eye pressure rises, very striking symptoms occur.
Visual acuity, nausea, vomiting, and severe pain at the back of the eye are the most prominent complaints. However, sudden increase occurs in a small number of patients, in general eye pressure is gradually increased, and thus pain is not felt much. Therefore, it is often too late to stop the disease.

The most common disease in the eyelid is allergic conditions. As a result of inflammation of the sebaceous glands in the eyelid, stye, şalazyon as a result of obstruction and blepharitis formed at the cover edge of the eyelashes are cases of the eyelid. In addition to these, there are diseases that form deformities in the eyelids. Eyelid deformity is the low ptosis. It is possible to treat diseases with medication or surgery according to the cause of eyelid diseases.
The most common symptom of it is the irritation of the person. Eyelid swelling, the eye itself, redness and pain may be. If there is an inflammatory condition such as shallots and chalazis, their symptoms are more pronounced swelling and redness. It is a very painful and painful process. Blepharitis is a sign of redness and itching. Treatment methods for allergic eye disorders should be aimed primarily at the elimination of the causative factors.
Allergic reactions occur entirely due to external factors, so if the person is not exposed to them, the allergic disorder does not occur. As long as it is away from external factors, it does not encounter any problems. Powder, pollen, feather are among the triggers of the allergic reaction. Medications given for treatment are intended to improve the symptoms of the disease.

It occurs during adolescence, especially in adolescence. Genetic predisposition (in the family of keratoconus patients), especially due to allergic conjunctivitis, continuous eye scratching and scrub.
Direct contact of contact lens in the center. For a long time to put pressure on the eyes and sleep habits such as the habit of keratoconus can lead to discomfort.