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Patient Rights

Patient Rights

Patient Rights


1- Benefits from Services

Every individual who applies to Eye Hospital has the right to benefit from all services without distinction of language, religion, race or sect. Our patients have the right to know about the diagnosis and treatment facilities provided by our hospital and how to access these services.

2- Information and Approval

Our patients have the right to obtain full information by themselves or their legal representatives in the language and the way they can understand the proposed medical interventions and the potential risks or benefits of each initiative, the alternatives of the proposed interventions, the health consequences of the absence of treatment, Our patients have the right to obtain a written copy of all medical registration procedures if they submit their request in writing. The informing and approval of our patients has the right to decide the treatment to be applied after the information such as the risk of serious side effects related to the disease, the risk of death, the problems related to the recovery, the chance of success, except for medical and legal obligations. Our patient is deemed to have acknowledged that the right to use this right has been approved. Our patients have the right to be informed about the correct evaluation and treatment of pain. Ophthalmology Ophthalmology Ophthalmology has the right to be informed clearly about its mission.

3-Personnel Recognition, Selection and Replacement

Our patients have the right to know, choose and change the identities, duties and titles of doctors, nurses and other health personnel responsible for their own treatment.

4- Board Selection and Change

Our patients have the right to choose and change the health institution and foundation by registering to comply with the procedures and conditions stipulated by the legislation which is of course natural.

5- Treatment Rejection and Stopping About

The patient has the right to refuse or to stop treatment that is planned or being applied to him / herself, except in cases where the law requires him / her to be responsible for the negative consequences

6- Privacy (Privacy) About

Our patients have the right to receive services in a confidential environment during the entire treatment process. Eyesight All individuals who apply to Eye Hospital are protected in a way that remains confidential even after death of their medical condition, medical condition and all personal information. This information of the patient can be explained by the patient's clear consent or by the court's strict request.

7- Respectful About

Our patients have the right to be examined and treated in a respectful, compassionate and gullied environment at all times and under all conditions, while maintaining their personal dignity.

8- Consultation (Second Opinion) Requesting About

Our patients have the right to call a consultant physician about their diagnosis and treatment. The consultant physician recommends treatment but the patient's first physician approves the procedure. ,

9- Ability to fulfill religious duties

Our patients have the right to freely perform their religious duties as long as they do not discriminate against religion and do not interfere with the treatment.


Everyone has the right to expect and want to be safe in the health institution. The measures necessary to protect and ensure the safety of life and property of relatives such as patients, visitors and companions are taken to our hospital. In our hospital, appropriate protection measures have been taken for children, disabled individuals and the elderly (solo, in need of care, not accompanying).

11- Companion and Visitor Location

Our patients have the right to accept visitors and to be accompanied in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our hospital.


12- Report Complaints / Opinions and Suggestions

The patient and the patient family have the right to initiate, monitor, finalize and inform the complaints mechanism in case of infringement of patient rights.

13- Health Organization Rules and Practices

 Our patients have the right to know about the hospital rules and practices to be applied to them.


14- Examination and Treatment Fees

Our patients have the right to request and receive a clear and detailed bill of payment for the services they receive at the time of treatment and for services they receive afterwards.


Patient Responsibilities


1- Give Information

To give accurate and accurate information about health status to doctors and nurses assigned to medical service.


2- Adapting to Proposals

It is also obliged to adhere to the treatment plan recommended by the physician responsible for patient treatment and to accept the care plan of the relevant health personnel in accordance with the physician's instructions.


3- Rejection of planned treatment

It is your own responsibility to be born with rejection of the treatment planned by your patient's doctor.


4- Compliance with Health Institution Rules

Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of our health care provider.


5- Respect

Our patients are responsible for taking care of the patients and their injuries in case of disturbances such as noise, visitors, smoke, which put the patients and their relatives in the health institution in danger.

6-Infection Control

The patient and our relatives are responsible for being sensitive about all the measures recommended to them in order to prevent infectious diseases  from spreading.

7-Payment Responsibility

Our patients are responsible for the cost of examination and treatment. Patients and relatives who deliberately damage the fixtures and consumables have a responsibility to pay for it.

8-Patient Visitor

Our patients are also responsible for accepting as few visitors as possible, not taking food, taking drinks, using other illness-related items, and meeting hospital hours.


Patient's Rights and Responsibilities are prepared according to the Ministry of Health's Law No. 23420 on Patient Rights.


Your can forward any complaints and coplaints regarding infringement of patient rights to the Patient Right Unit of our Hospital


Phone Number : 0 (342) 231 25 25  / 113